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Krishiv Agro Trading is a supplier of agricultural soft commodities around the world.

The main products are Pulses, Grains, Seeds, Nuts, and Sprouting seeds.

We are a proud player in supplying principally to the food and feed industry. The company, located in the middle of the Sojjitra, close to the port of Piplav and Anand Tarapur Main Road, has built up experience over the years in trading with all kinds of soft commodities over the world.

Krishiv Agro Trading can be characterized by its flexibility, pragmatism and quick response to changing market conditions. We offer the best possible solutions for our client's needs and quality demands. We firmly believe that we can build and maintain a strong relationship with each client by taking strict measures in quality control and offering competitive prices and professional service.


Our Mission is to bridge the demand for high-quality agricultural products nationwide, starting with the Andra Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra followed countries.


"Together we Grow" encompasses our vision to become the preferred commodity trading organization by improving aspects of the business we operate in, promoting fairtrade practices, and ensuring thegrowthof all involved parties. Indoingso, wewantto encourage co-ownershipwithinthe ecosystem, thusbuildingshareholder value.


Our annual average revenue has been growing regularly. We would like to sustain our current revenue and maximize our profitability. Our growth plans are driven by trading capacity in the various markets and the strategy to be integrated across the distribution supply chain - from origination to consumption. This enables control over each stage of business (commodity movement, transaction timing), creating significant cost efficiencies. We would like to ensure strong risk management practices and primarily focus on trade with selected and known counterparties, in familiar markets with propercontingencyplans.

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